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You Cant Rush Success with Rudy Rush

You Cant Rush Success with Rudy Rush

Rudy (Former Host of Showtime at the Apollo) gets into the success discussion with Dr. Janice Johnson Diaz author of the book Parent Like it Matters. Let’s Go!

Source: You Cant Rush Success with Rudy Rush
Recorded on Mar 10, 2022
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Dr. Janice Johnson Dias, co-creator of the GrassROOTS Community Foundation (GCF), a public health and social justice organization that develops, scales, and funds community health initiatives for impoverished women and girls, has been described as a force of nature. Janice is a scholar-activist whose life’s work is developing research-informed, innovative solutions to the challenges facing the urban poor, particularly underserved black mothers and their children. Dr. Johnson Dias currently lives in West Orange, New Jersey, with her husband, Scott Dias, a geographer, their daughter Marley, and dog Philly.

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